Entire Family Battery Recharge on Galveston Island Vacation!


It is said we only use 2% of our brain and that is mainly our left brain.  Our left brain is anything that has to do with work, schedules and a whole lot of stress.  The left brain is stubborn and difficult to retrain to function in a different capacity.   Accessing our right brain is the key to relaxation and fun.

Here are some great ways while on vacation with your family in Galveston, TX to turn on the right brain and create a vacation to remember:

Take long walks along the beach just listening to mother nature: the squawk of the seagulls, the ocean movement, the crashing waves, the whistle with our coastal winds as they move the palm trees; feel the sand between your toes.  Do this morning and night.

Make it a goal to take your entire family on walks to remember; this will help balance out both hemispheres and bring you and your family into sensing the many dimensions of life.  This creates a sense of peace and relaxation.  When one seeks Sensing Intelligence, the bonding of a family will increase.

Remember a walk in the morning listening through all senses, enjoy the day with Galveston’s many attractions and end it with an evening walk along the beach.  Entire family Battery Recharged!

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