When your thinking of selling your home, often one of the forgotten selling points is the yard! The landscaping and lawn itself can really make or break a sale. Buyers often comment about a nice yard or say something like I love that house, but it would take years to get the yard back. Some good tips are: 

1) plan ahead and get the yard in shape before listing 

2) use a professional company that can do the work for you

3) use plants from the area - examples being go tropical on the island. Palms are cheap and grow quickly

4) outdoor lighting is inexpensive and adds a new dynamic at night

5) water regularly in the summer or consider a sprinkler system

6) for that last "pop" of clean before listings - get everything pressure washed!


Hopefully these tips will help you get more money for your home and get it SOLD faster! 


One local company that Ryson Real Estate uses is Raymond Banks Landscape services. They specialize in Galveston lawn service, and Galveston pressure washing