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A Guide to Galveston home buying
The galveston flower is the Oleander which came to the United States through Galveston. Settlers brought, traded, and planted many thousands of these neat plants.
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A Guide to Galveston home buying
A guide to buying a home in the Galveston area
January 3, 2012

Finding a home in Galveston Texas may be a little tricky on the first time visitor, however with this article; you will be well educated on the homes for sale in Galveston. Galveston homes for sale will consist of 4 main categories, which include canal, dry land, beach side, and in-town. In the in-town category, you will have a few sub categories including historical (restored or rehabbed), single family, and multifamily homes. Each type of home has its advantages and may be just the one you're looking for. Galveston homes for sale are also divided by sides of the island. Most beach and canal homes are located on the "west" end of Galveston Island, whereas in-town historical homes are located on the "east" end of the Island.
Canal homes are the hidden jewel of
Galveston. These homes offer views of water and sometimes nature preserves. Many birds inhabit Galveston making it a birders paradise. Many canal homes also have underwater lights installed making the evenings on the decks extra enjoyable because many fish can be seen swimming in the green light. Canal homes also typically offer a boat dock and boat lift. You can drop your boat in the water and be fishing in less than 5 min. West bay is famous for its large trout and redfish! Another aspect of bay and canal homes are the sunsets. Galveston bay homes enjoy some of the best sunsets, many of which rival any sunset anywhere! As for price, canal homes range from slightly less than beach front, but more expensive than your average dry land home.

The dry land homes of Galveston are often a great buy and can have views of the beach or bay, and sometimes both. Any home not on the water and on the bay side (north side) of FM 3005 (the road that is called seawall and blue water highway) is considered dry land. Of course most "in town" homes fit into this category, but we will go over that later in the article. Dry land homes are typically less expensive than beach or canal homes but offer great value. Most dry land homeowners have a golf cart residing in their garage that allows them quick access to the beach or local restaurants. Dry land homes typically cost less with insurance than beach front homes.

Cross 3005 to the South, and you will find beach side homes. These homes can be a bit of a hike to the beach as in the Pirates Beach neighborhood. However most are "beach front," "second row," "third row" and so on. These homes are the essence of Galveston real estate, where you can walk out side and lay in your hammock, take a jog on the beach, hunt shells, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, or just lounge and relax. Beach homes are high on pilings and are engineered to withstand all but the mightiest of storms. They are raised between 15 and 18 feet off the ground, but elevators, and ramps can make access easier. The beach homes in Galveston Texas are inexpensive when compared to homes in Florida or California and can be picked up for $250,000 or less. Most large beach homes average around $500,000 to $800,000, but may be rented out as a short term vacation beach rental home to help offset the mortgage, taxes, and insurance costs.

Finally, Galveston real estate has much to offer by way of "in town" homes. These homes can be modern homes on slabs, one bedroom shotgun homes, or elaborate Victorian homes on pier and beam. Galveston's East end historic district is one of the best in the South. The Galveston Historical foundation was founded many years ago and continues with focus and dedication when it comes to preserving Galveston's colorful history. Many prestigious estates that once lined Broadway and surrounding streets have been painstakingly restored and several particularly exquisite homes are open for touring during the annual and very popular event the "Historic Homes Tour" held each year in May. Maybe people relish the fact that they get to own something historical and compare it to owning a classic Corvette. Many in town homes also have Garage apartments, basement apartments, or be multifamily by design or conversion. These homes allow the owner to make some additional income from the property or have a place for visitors or extended family. Multifamily housing can make an exciting investment as rent has been on the rise in Galveston. Whatever in-town home suits your needs you will find plenty to occupy your time including the new revitalized downtown area, art walks, the seawall, unique coffee shops, the opera house, and so much more. Come discover and enjoy Galveston for yourself!

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