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Galveston Commercial Real Estate
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Galveston Commercial Real Estate
October 31, 2009
Galveston Texas is a great place to buy commercial property. In todayís, often online business world, being in the largest city in the state is no longer a necessity. Investors and homeowners are finding great deals in Galvestonís historic commercial district. The East end downtown area is home to many large corporations, churches, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and lofts. There is nothing nicer than heading upstairs after along day at work, or walking around the building to the local coffee shop! There are many benefits to owning Commercial property in down town Galveston.

The first benefit is value and return on investment. We have entire buildings downtown at prices you would expect to pay for a nice house. We also have potential condo conversions where you can expect to reap 100% returns on the original price of the property. Lofts sell for 200-350 sqft, and buildings can often be purchased at a fraction of that price. Often they already have completed apartments and living space. Of course, for small business owners, what better way to live than to be on the second story above your thriving Galveston business. Many owners love this life style.

Another benefit is freedom from long commutes, and a great lifestyle. Downtown Galveston offers great restaurants, night life, entertainment, and coffee shops. These are the old style sit back and know everyone there coffee shops. Of course, there is always a Starbucks close by as Galveston is home to 5. Imagine getting up for work and not being more than 5 minuets away. Or imagine walking to work. Galveston is a great place to relocate a business, or just start a new one.

Rysonís new commercial division can help you buy or sell all commercial property down town Galveston and all over Galveston County. We have access to all of the listings, and have a good inventory of commercial buildings, warehouses, land, and more. Donít forget we also handle loft conversions, and lease space.

For more information, contact us now!
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