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Galveston Beach Real Estate
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Galveston Beach Real Estate
January 10, 2012
From the Gulf to the bay, Galveston has much to offer the potential home buyer. Why has this island, in particular, become the premiere locale of the surrounding shoreline areas? It stands at the opening to Galveston Bay, the entrance to Houston. Its ample land mass has made it easily accessible from the mainland, and early settlement has created a history all its own.

It is the tradition of Galveston that makes it so alluring. Galveston is not like other beach towns in that it has its own self-sustaining economy. In contrast to other beach communities (whose populations fluctuate drastically during the more popular seasons), Galveston has a sizable year round population. This changes the landscape of the island, and gives it a welcoming sense of permanence.

It is this permanence that makes being a Galveston Beach and Galveston Waterfront real estate agent such a rewarding profession. The people I meet range from single retirees wanting to move "back into the swing of things" to young families looking to buy a first home. All are welcome in the continually changing backdrop of Galveston.

I believe I have many of the essential qualities of a Galveston Beach real estate agent. First, I am very knowledgeable about the island, from the East End to Pointe West. Second, I work tirelessly for your interests, whether you're buying or selling. Third, I understand the real estate game as well as anyone on the island, and during the transaction process I will act as your adviser and friend, as well as your REALTORŪ.

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