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Galveston MLS
This article is focused on how to search the Galveston Texas MLS
August 1, 2006
As you know, the Internet has changed the way virtually every industry is run. From facilitating e-commerce to streamlining order flow, the Internet changes everything. When it comes to Galveston realty, this phenomenon is no exception. I'm Jason Keeling, and I am here to help you find the Galveston home of your dreams. I am a REALTORŪ in the traditional sense; that is, I'm here to physically show you around Galveston Island, to help you come to an acceptable price, and to draw up the paperwork.

In addition, my website acts as an online window for available Galveston properties. Using the Galveston Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you have unprecedented online access to numerous Galveston homes. By utilizing the MLS, you can search for multiple properties at the same time. This speeds up the process of initial home selection, which gives you more time to view the properties that meet your discriminating tastes.

Here's how the Galveston MLS works. By clicking on "All Listings (MLS)," you are directed to a page where you can specify exactly the kind of house you're looking for. Choose from a property type (residential, commercial),the area to search(All areas, Major west end( beach and bay houses, usually considered 2nd homes or investment) Major in town (including the Esat end historic district and all homes between 1st st and 61st st and more), and all Others (which includes Tiki island,omega bay, bayou vista, and the rest of Galveston county). To make your search more narrow, you can also select bedrooms, bathrooms, and price range.

By clicking on "search," my Galveston MLS returns all applicable properties that meet your search criteria. If you're looking at properties on my site, I recommend that you start with my featured properties on my home page, and then perform a search. Once you find a property thats looks like it might work, you can contact me( e-mail, cell phone, contact form)to get more information. A multiple listing search is the best way to get a good sampling of prospective properties. Galveston MLS.

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