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Galveston Texas Seaweed and ocean life
City offices, and services are housed in this impressive building on 25th street.
Another wonderful tropical flower with butterfly enjoy a warm summer day in Galveston.
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Galveston Texas Seaweed and ocean life
Galveston TX and its abundant ocean life in the Gulf Coast
May 14, 2012
There are many plants that grow in the ocean that we know as seaweed. These plants hide other forms of sea life, wash up on shore, and some species can even be eaten. Seahorses, crabs, pipe fish, baby turtles, and other small fish all take refuge in the seaweed. The shores of Texas sometimes get flooded by these plants washing up on the shore. Galveston usually gets a lot of seaweed on the shores around early summer due to warmer temperatures and prime growing conditions.

June is at the height of the seaweed floating with the currents season and it is when you will see the most washing up on the shores of Galveston. The most common type of seaweed on the coast of Texas is “sargassum” and it can cover a good portion of Galveston’s beautiful beaches. If conditions with the wind and currents are just right, the sargassum can be piled high on the beaches all along the Gulf coast.
This seaweed helps to keep the sand stable and helps to prevent the beaches from eroding and washing away. Sargassum can also be used as a fertilizer in gardens and is often sold as such. During different types of the year, more or less seaweed will blossom, die, or drift across the Gulf of Mexico. If there is a lot of seaweed floating off shore, it can cause problems for boaters, fishermen, and surfers. The seaweed can get caught in the props of boats or wrapped around surfers legs causing mobility problems. There are daily seaweed reports that people can access online and see how much of the seaweed is currently lurking off and on the shore. Although seaweed can get in the way of daily activities, it is crucial to sea life and provides many uses.

Forms of life not only hide in the shelter of seaweed but also feed on it. Many forms of algae and small organisms grow on seaweed and are consumed by fish and larger foragers. The security of seaweed can hide smaller fish from predators and keep them safe. Seaweed is also used as a food all over the world. Indonesia produced millions of tons of seaweed every year and is the largest supplier in the world. Many foods in Asia contain seaweed and it is used as a common wrap for sushi. Nori is a type of red alga that is dried and used for wraps in many types of dishes in Asia. There are more than 160 types of edible seaweed that you can get at most coastal grocery stores or restaurants. Texas has many specialty stores and restaurants that carry dishes with seaweed in them.

Kelp is a brown form of algae seaweed that contains many vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system, help with metabolism, and it can even be used to treat arthritis. Some seaweed extract is also used in diet pills because of its ability to speed up metabolism. Different types of seaweed can also be used to dress wounds and help produce dental molds. It is also a good source of iodine that is necessary for proper thyroid function. Although seaweed can sometimes get in the way and make things complicated for our outdoor activities, it has many positive traits. Between the health conscious among us with its vitamins and mineral factors to safeguarding smaller creatures in the Gulf of Mexico, seaweed is something that has a lot of uses and is an essential part of ocean, and human life.

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