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Galveston Texas
Galveston Texas vacation information
January 22, 2013

For many years Galveston Texas has been a vacation destination for families wanting to live the laid back beach life. Now an entire new outlook has surfaced for this Tropical Island 30 minutes south of the 4th largest city in the United States. Big money has been and continues to be invested in what is now a vacation hot spot for all walks of life. This is truly a place where the entire family can be close but each enjoy his or her own adventures and pleasures. There are hundreds of activities and restaurants to enjoy within a short span of time on the Island.

One of the more well known activities on Galveston Island is Moody Gardens with a chance to see fascinating science documentaries on an enormous 3-D IMAX screen, pyramids with thousands of different types of exotic plants, animals, and butterflies. You definitely donít want to miss Palm Beach in the summer and the festival of lights in the winter season. Schlitterbahn, the first water park with a retractable roof, is open to cool you off and provide adventure for children and adults. The roaring rapids of the wild river and the surf park are worth the entrance fee alone. Parents can come and enjoy just as much excitement as their kids or choose the option of relaxing and having an alcoholic beverage while getting a tan.

Of course there are so many more activities on Galveston Island that may be just as important and enjoyable as those mentioned above. For those who like a taste of history on their Island Journey there is the Grand Opera House built in 1894, the Mardi Gras Museum, or the Galveston county Historical Museum. Wonder onto Post Office Street and you will find some of the most interesting art galleries and antique shops in Texas.
While out exploring the arts and music of downtown Galveston you will most likely draw up a healthy appetite. There are many places to indulge that appetite and a few favorites are the Sky Bar for sushi and drinks, Fishermanís Wharf for a fantastic selection of Seafood with more than a casual environment, or The Texas Salt Grass Steakhouse is known to have a wide selection of country fixin favorites.

When deciding on that perfect vacation spot for the family remember Galveston Texas , we have something for everyone and you surely wonít be disappointed. For more ideas, information on activities, and the best places to stay on the Island contact your local vacation rental company, Ryson Vacation Rentals, or call 409-740-1600.

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